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"Rep" system, and "Points" system.

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"Rep" system, and "Points" system. Empty "Rep" system, and "Points" system.

Post  [NU] on Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:26 am

You may have noticed under your name it says "rep". : "Rep" system, and "Points" system. 12-2

Other members can up or down eachothers rep by hitting the "+" or "-" signs that show up when they post on the forum.:
"Rep" system, and "Points" system. 13-1
But you must have atleast 50 posts before you can start upping or lowering someones rep.

But don't up or down a members rep for no reason. Up it if a user makes a good point, or is just a good member here. Make it go down if the user fails, or is just really noobish.

One last thing. Only 6 people can have there rep changed a day. So use it wisely.

Now the points system is simple. Your points are displayed above your rep. You get points for being active on the forum, posting, making topics, etc. It doesnt really serve a purpose right now, other than wanting to have alot of points. But that may change in the future.

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