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Bleach Manga Discussion *SPOILERS*

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Bleach Manga Discussion *SPOILERS*

Post  battosaiX on Fri Sep 03, 2010 6:10 pm



People are saying that Bleach has been revived, ever since the war started...don't deny it, it kinda stunk. But this sort of revival started with an interesting plot twist.

Gin's betrayal...not that it lasted long, cuz Aizen shot him down anyway, but yeah, people say the revival started here.

No main good guys have really died in Bleach yet...Tite Kubo has yet to grow a pair of balls. Matsumoto looked dead...nope. Momo should be dead five times over by now...but no, shes okay~ Everyone getting fatally wounded...they're just dandy after being unconcious for a couple chapters...Tousen took the fall but that's about it since Kaien died...before the series started. Is Gin going to kick the can?

Ichigo's new form looks sick. the longer hairs sorta cool and im dying to know what the chain's for...all in due time I guess. Should be an awesome battle.

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